Sing Along With Mitch

Bob Edwards’ interview recently with reporter John Cheves of the Lexington Herald-Leader has inspired the crack editorial staff here at KIAV to create a brand new category for a single solitary senator: Mitch McConnell.

Cheves has been writing a series of articles about McConnell, who will be majority leader in the Senate if the Democrats do not succeed in their bid to sweep the Republigoats out. Cheves says McConnell is the Senate’s foremost expert on that body’s rules and that he is one of its most successful fundraisers. He was one of the most stalwart obstacles to McCain-Feingold. He’s one of the big reasons that Medicare can’t negotiate for better? pharmeceutical prices. And, I think most terrifying of all, he’s a pioneer in the practice of? tying foreign aid to campaign finance.

Here are some of Cheves’ articles. Read up. Set a Google alert for “Mitch McConnell.” I intend to blog about? Mitch quite a bit. ?

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