Walk A Mile in His Shoes Sometime

If you really want advice about what to do re: Afghanistan, you might consider listening to a guy who’s walked it end to end. If only such a guy existed.

Oh, wait. He does.

P.S. I hear Tom Delay is going to quit Dancing With the Stars. They wouldn’t let him redistrict the dance floor.

3 thoughts on “Walk A Mile in His Shoes Sometime”

  1. I stopped listening when he started opining on what a fool President Obama would be not to accede to the request for more troops “from the general on the ground”.

    He’s worth more of a listen than that. Stewart ultimately argues that, if the United States is to play any role in Afghanistan, it should be a with a limited troop engagement—so as to be politically feasible—but figuring a long-term commitment to help with the infrastructure investment in the country. He says it’s either that or repeat the mistakes of the post Charlie Wilson era.

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