Christopher Hitchens Doesn't Get It

What a weird, weird column by Christopher Hitchens in the most recent The Atlantic .

Hitchens oddly decries the sad state of satire in these Untied States of America, blaming Jon Stewart and Sen. Al Franken from like six years ago. He spends half the column explicating Franken’s old books and the other half wondering why in hell everyone thinks Jon Stewart is so funny.

Just to save you the trip, the last sentence in Hitchens’ totally weird, weird column is: “A liberal joke, at present, is no laughing matter.”

This is why, I suppose, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has been on the air since January 1999, while the 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour lasted from February to September, 2007.

Chris. It’s time to have the limb surgically removed from your arse.

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