Signed, Aaron’s Dad

Today, a guest post from my Dear Old Dad, one of the smartest guys I know:

I? am distressed that no one in the Democratic party has articulated what seems to me to be the simplest and most direct response to Busch on the ? prosecution of the war on terror. Busch says he is fighting the war on terror. Democrats say he lied about Iraq and has failed absolutely to deliver on his promise to rebuild Iraq, establish democracy there etc: Of course the Democrats are right, but these positions do not address Busch’s claim.

“I am fighting the War on Terror”, he says. The answer is that he is not. Not by a longshot.

To fight the war on terror, we need to:? 1.? Establish a comprehensive defense by a. ? protecting our infrastructure. (The Head of Homeland Security says we can’t afford to do that because of budget constraints) b. establish a better intelligence network. (In five years we still have no farsi or erdu speaking FBI agents). 2.? Build effective networks around the world that can help us contain terrorists economically and cooperate in information gathering. (We cant do this because everyone hates us, thanks to Busch policies). 3. Build long-term infrastructure that will enable us to defeat terrorism. This might involve an international liberal educational program where American students learn Farsi, Erdu and other key languages, study cultures etc: while foreign students, Arabs, Phillipinos, Asians, Europeans learn American culture; address the economic issues that underlie the distrust and hatred of the developed world by improving the quality of life in those countries. 4. Remove dependence on oil. 5. Address the religious and cultural underpinnings of Wahabbism, and similarly militant cultures that foment international terrorism. ? This may require recognizing that some cultures just hate us and recognizing that we just need to deal with that, perhaps by military means. One important thing to recognize is that The Wahabi hate other Muslems more than they hate us. Busch has given all Muslems a reason to forget their differences and hate us first.

Finally to fight the war on Terror we have to walk away from the side show in Iraq. ? It is straining our resources, killing our kids and not accomplilshing a damn thing. ? We have a lot of work to do. The Democratic Party should be demanding that we get to it. Now.

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