I'm Just Telling You What I Saw

Every morning my bus drives by Hillary Clinton’s national campaign headquarters. It is a block-long building on North Fairfax Drive in Arlington, virtually nondescript except for the sprinkling of “Hillary!” yard signs on the building’s front edifice.

This morning, there was a really big dog in front of the building taking a dump.


  • Clinton supporter Lt. Gen. Joe Ballard, drawing perhaps one of the worst metaphors to come down the pike in quite a while: “Just because you recognize the cow doesn’t mean you know how to milk it…No one can tell you how to milk a cow. You have to do that yourself. No doubt in my mind [Obama] can probably milk a cow, but his body of experience means he probably doesn’t know how to milk one.”

    Ballard would not comment on the imporance of knowing how to shear a sheep or how to butcher a hog. He did, however, pass along an excellent home remedy for hornet stings.

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