A question rolls around in today’s news out of Iraq: How do we stand down when they? stand up if every time they stand up someone? saunters by and swats them in the nuts with a rolled-up City Paper? ?

The Iraqi government, you see, has postponed a “reconciliation conference,” which was supposed to have done something or other for the year-old government. Ironically, the conference was postponed due to shrapnel. And whilst all this is going on, there are some, um, Islamo-fasshists, running around claiming to have founded their own? caliphate right there in Iraq, and it’s being reported that a panel established to consider the issue has come around to the novel idea that “stay the course” is, well, stupid.

If this is how it’s going in the first front of the “war” on “terrorism,” then it’s once again time for all ya’ll to think: Are these the folks you want conducting this “war,” anyway?

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