Twitter was all, well, atwitter last evening, as tweeps watched the bloodbath exchange between Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan on TRMS. Here’s the embed:

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My favorite part of this exchange was Buchanan’s claim that 108/110 white males on the court was acceptable because “This has been a country basically built by white folks in this country.” Perhaps Buchanan simply forgot to think about this recent news story:

Iowa Rep. Steve King defended his vote Wednesday against a House resolution that acknowledged the use of African-American slaves in the construction of the U.S. Capitol.

The western Iowa Republican was the only House member to oppose the measure late Tuesday. The resolution, which passed 399-1, orders officials to place a marker inside the new Capitol Visitor Center using some of the original stone quarried by those slaves for the historic building.

Argue all you like that this country was built by “white folks,” you jackass. They certainly didn’t do it alone. They did it on the backs of others, and in doing so, they blocked those generations of people from routes to achievement, and they did so culturally and institutionally. That’s the point. Schmuck.

Proud, so proud of Ms. Maddow, who stood toe to toe with this idiot and didn’t even pull a Teresa Giudice table-flip, which would not have been an unreasonable reaction to the ignorant, troglodyte ideas venting past her from this jackass.

3 thoughts on “#patbuchanan”

  1. I totally laughed at him when I wasn’t grousing about how idiotic his verbiage was. She’s good, isn’t she? I love watching a Rhodes scholar give me political news 🙂

  2. And if it hadn’t been for the Native tribes feeding the destitute and starving settlers, the nation wouldn’t have those settlers ancestors here now making such ignorant posturing which the world IS watching.

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