It was weird. One moment, I’m listening to Thom Hartmann debate a backwater preacher fellow of some sort about hate crimes legislation. The next, I’m hearing Air America’s Nicole Whatshername. She’s pleasant enough, so I keep listening; what the hey.

Then she walks into one of my favorite rakes.

The caller was saying that the reason we’ll not get single-payer health care is because of all of the munny that goes from the insurance industry to legislators. Whatshername says yes, that’s right, and we’ll not get substantial health care reform until munny is extracted from politics. So far, so good.

Then she says maybe we need term limits.

Thank you for playing.

That’s a terrible idea. Horrible. Awful. Hideous. It is, absolutely, the wrong solution, one that does far more harm than good. All it achieves is to further dilute the power of the vote.

Why on Earth would anyone advocate for something that takes power out of their own hands and makes elected officials even less accountable to the people than they are now? Why in the wide wide world of sports would someone support something that shifts power from elected representatives to paid professional staffers, lobbyists, and other non-elected brokers in Washington? Why why why?

There are other, more reasoned solutions to the problem of munny in our national politics than that of term limits. There is, for instance, the reform of “clean elections.” Here’s the Wiki. Enjoy.

There is, also, the notion of “instant runoff voting,” a reform that wouldn’t just address the issue of corporate and other interests shoving munny into the pockets of our legislators, but would also give genuine momentum to third-party political movements in these Untied States of America. Here’s the Wiki. Enjoy.

Why in blazes do people instantly reach for the absolute worst answer to this question? ARGH.

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