Hillary Clinton is not my favorite Democratic candidate. In fact, I recently wrote in a somewhat shrill e-mail to Father of KIAV that, if she wins the nomination, I might have to consider what to do with my vote.

Of course, that is bullshit. I will not pledge to do so, but I will most likely support the nominee whoever she is. And I’ll probably even be glad to do it for the mere reason that putting the Clintons back in the White House is likely to sound The Brown Note for many “conservatives.” But I will still wish she hadn’t voted wrong in 2002.

One thing to consider between Clinton and Obama is skill sets. And, after last evening’s “debate,” I have to say, I think Clinton holds perhaps the more useful skill set. Obama destroys behind a podium. But Clinton decimates on the debate stage. There is no question, she absolutely womped Obama and Edwards last night. See her turn a basic “job interview” question about weaknesses and strenghts into an unfavorable comparison of Obama and the current president. See her offer to cosponsor legislation with Obama to stop the current president from negotiating our way into a hundred more years of occupying Iraq. She was good. And it occurs to me that, during the primary, debates are where these things can be won or lost.

My basic position is that our slate of candidates has been so awesome that whoever gets the nomination will be an excellent warrior for the general. Last night’s debate made me think better of Hillary Clinton.

One thought on “SuperHillary”

  1. Sometimes I feel better about Hillary than at other times. My first choice is Edwards. He certainly speaks my language. I can’t shake the feeling that when all is said and done, Hillary will be the nominee. A Hillary/Obama ticket would be historical and, I think, hard to beat — but they’ve been attacking each other so sharply that this seems unlikely. No doubt, though, the people are ready for change.

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