A Moment Of Silence for Bandit

KIAV annoyer Trevor left a comment recently, which led me to visit his blog, Will To Exist.

So I clicked and visited his site to learn that his dog-friend had died.

And his site somehow won’t let me comment. Perhaps because I’m “leaning further left as time passes.” So I will comment here.

A pet’s death is so utterly equalizing. Trevor and I disagree on well, nearly everything, in the realm of politics. But we do, apparently, agree on the incredible bond one can have with a domestic beast and the wind-knocked-out-of-you nature of losing said beast.

I had a dream just the other night about my cat Alice. They never leave you. When the poison was being injected into her leg, I promised I’d never forget. And I didn’t. And I won’t.

Pretty kitty.

Being a pet owner is a horrible bargain because, hopefully, you will outlive your pet. That’s the deal. That is the contract you sign when you adopt a domestic beast.

That still doesn’t help it feel any better.

I will steal a quote from Trevor’s blog to pay tribute to Bandit. Go visit to see the full tribute.

What made Bandit special? Many things. Among dogs, he was a loner. The other dogs have a pecking order that is constantly being tested. Bandit really wasn’t into the pack mentality. He just wanted to herd the other dogs, especially little Sparky. Hours and hours would pass while Bandit carefully watched Sparky through the gate that kept him on his side and she on hers. She had little interest in him but he was absolutely fascinated by her. That was his nature and his breeding.

Those border collies can be a heartbreaker. But they’re wonderful, energetic dogs. And I’m sure Bandit was a gem.

I am sorry, Trevor. I am feeling for you, man. Really.

One thought on “A Moment Of Silence for Bandit”

  1. You shouldn’t have to do anything special to leave a comment on my blog dear friend. Please drop me a line and let me know your commenting experience – I would value your time if you have it.

    Thank you for the words of sympathy. Bandit’s loss isn’t mitigated by the fact that we rescue dogs and have 14 others to fill the void. I miss him every time it rains and also at random other moments.

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