You Tell 'em, Carol Shaw of Greenbelt!

On May 24, The Washington Post ran a story analyzing how some of the stimulus moolah was having an impact locally. The story ended with this quote from a fella who suffered a layoff and then was hired to work a road project in Silver Spring:

I didn’t really care for the idea of the stimulus package, to tell you the truth. I still don’t…I’m glad to have a job, absolutely. But I’m afraid my son will be paying this off for the next 50 years.

Carol Shaw of Greenbelt responded in Letters to the Editor of May 30. Give ’em gravity, Carol!

He is free to take the job and money created by the stimulus package and free to criticize it at the same time (“I didn’t really care for the idea of the stimulus package, to tell you the truth. I still don’t.”). He is free to vote out the politicians who created this package and vote back in those who were responsible for creating this financial crisis.

I am tired of people like Mr. Petre who criticize the hand that feeds them. I am sure if I mention the word welfare, Mr. Petre, as a “self-described Republican,” would agree with me. But he sees nothing wrong with his taking a type of welfare while believing the government should not be stepping in to help those who suffer in good times or bad.

The larger point not addressed by this excellent letter of course is that criticizing the government’s stimulus package out-of-hand is just plain silly. Government stimulus is an expected practice in an economy that’s running like molasses. And the really staggering expenditures, the off-the-books war spending and the TARP, for instance, came about not since 1-20-09, but before. Blaming out-of-control spending on President Obama is as completely absurd as blaming September Eleventh on President Clinton. If the stimulus munny is putting people to work and building roads, then what the fcuk is there to moan about?

Right on, Carol Shaw of Greenbelt! If I knew ya, I’d buy you a beer or a sundae or whatever.

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