KIAV Shocker: The Huffington Post Is A Histrionic Asshole

I know. I shouldn’t be calling names within Leftblogistan. I can’t help it. Here’s the headline:

Here’s the lede: Bill Clinton said Monday he was so impressed by his wife when they first started dating, he once tried to convince her she should dump him and focus on a political career of her own.

Didn’t you assume from the headline that the shocker was that Bill asked Hillary to dump him post-Monigate? Didn’t you expect some sort of actual revelation?

Come on now, Arianna. You are better than this, and so are your readers.

In other news.

I think the most important part of the 15-year-old comments by Republigoat “presidential” “candidate” Mike Huckabee regarding AIDS and quarantines is getting lost in the shuffle. The most important part of this hubbub to remember is that: Mike Huckabee is neither a doctor nor a medical scientist. So, fuck off, Mike Huckabee.

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