Gay Marriage. Again.


No, PB and I do not always agree. We both are avid fans of moonbat radio. But our tastes within the genre vary widely. He probably could care less that Randi is back to broadcasting. I am over the moon.

Something funny happened on her air today—and, in fact, in Twitter-space—that allows me to write on something other than torture. Some Tweeps started a row when they came across an archived story at the L.A. Times, about when the California Supremes overturned gay marriage bans. A YEAR AGO. They tweeted it as if it were current news. Ms. Rhodes grabbed it and ran with it as the lead of her show, proclaiming that California had overturned Prop 8.

Not her finest moment. Especially considering that Tweeps as credible as @anamariecox were calling it a false alarm well before 3 p.m. eastern. As a result, though, Randi took up the issue for the first hour instead of what she’d intended to discuss—that time she hung out with Annie and Willie Nelson on the bus that runs on Crisco and then Melissa Etheridge and Al Gore came by. I mean torture.

I have decided today on a new policy. I will not debate this issue with anyone who has not seen All Aboard: Rosie’s Family Cruise. This is a perspective-changing film. You cannot see it without understanding the real nature of family when it comes to gay people. It will deconstruct abstractions. It is a mind-opener. And there is no sense in trying to speak to somebody about this issue who does not actually understand this issue.

Randi had a few of those callers. One fella she actually made an effort at having a discussion with. She argued with them and railed, correctly, against bigotry. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to the larger issue, though I’m sure she’s quite aware.

These aren’t what-ifs we’re talking about. It’s not a matter of “if we let them marry, then there will be gay families and stuff.” There are families with gay people as heads of household. They exist. They exist right now. And it’s not a matter of “well, they can’t have children.” Yes, Belial. They can. And they do. And those children live without the protections that marital law can offer them and their families. And their more complicated, more vulnerable, more terrifying lives are on the heads of the Proposition 8 numbskulls and the rest of youse.

There is a scene in the Rosie movie where a teenager is discussing the evolving of her own sexual identity. The daughter of two moms, she’d wonder and wonder and wonder if she’d like girls or boys. When she came of age, she at last realized that she was straight.

And she was a little bit disappointed.

Stories like that is what the issue’s about. The people and the situations we’re discussing are in actuality more complex, more nuanced, and more real than the opponents of true human rights will ever wrap their heads around. Two moms don’t just automatically raise a lesbian, dumbass. The ghey isn’t communicable, no more so than is the breeders’ disease. This isn’t an argument of right and wrong or any issue of morality. It’s an argument between superstition, fear, and misunderstanding, versus what’s really going on, right now, right this very minute. Kids are suffering for this shit and it’s on your heads.

Five states down. Keep marching.

One thought on “Gay Marriage. Again.”

  1. I had roomates that were gay. And parents. And their kids were strait. Sometimes I just don’t understand why people make such a big deal out of stuff. Shit. All they wanted was to be good parents. What they had to be was super duper perceptive so they could figure out who it was ok to tell the truth with. You almost have to have ESP to be gay and that is just wrong.

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