Torture Tortured Torturous

This torture discussion is making my ass tired. It is not important to undestand what those dumbasses in the Moron Busch’s administration did. But we are now so far bogged down in minutia that the important stuff is being lost. This is why we must have a prosecution, truth commission or other process to ensure all this crap is documented. The rest of this is obfuscation as only Washington can obfuscate.

Here are the facts:

  • We tortured people in violation of US and International law.
  • The CIA lied to Congress about the fact that they were really torturing people.
  • Dik Chaney probably had people tortured so he could get some more lies to tell to the people about the relationship between Iraq and Al Queda.
  • The Iraq war was a fraud from beginning to end.

A thorough investigation of all that happened regarding the War on Terror in the last eight years will document this and more and there is no excuse for not getting it all on paper. Because Congress refused to impeach that Moron two years ago, some action is needed to document his misdeeds for posterity.

Just a note on the torture photos (Brady and I do not always have to agree). I agree with Ron Kuby. Only a sadistic voyeur would have any use for these pictures. They tell us nothing more about our misdeeds, and as the President has noted, have already served their useful purpose in documenting investigations of these activities. I have seen no news stories indicating that the President is appealing the decision of the Second Circuit, but I can’t believe he is not. President Obama has respect for the process, and his Justice Department will follow the process. Of course it is hard to imagine the Busch Supreme court ordering release of the photos.

One thought on “Torture Tortured Torturous”

  1. But we may see them anyway. I heard as early as yesterday afternoon that they’d been leaked.

    This kind of shit doesn’t just sit in the toothpaste tube politely waiting for a squeeze.

    Meanwhile, Politico sez Obama may have problems convincing the courts to consider new arguments now.

    Anyway, we agree basically, my man: “…we must have a prosecution, truth commission or other process to ensure all this crap is documented…” Right on.

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