100 Daze

I suspect that when Franklin D. Roosevelt had his 100 days they actually waited 100 days to talk about it. In fact, I think they probably thought about it later and then went back and looked at it. But back then, they probably didn’t get too worked up about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

Now we have had a week of build up to the actual 100 days for President Obama, which I think is today or tomorrow or maybe Wednesday. And for the most part, it looks like he made all the right points on the scorecard. On NPR, where one of the squawkpersons actually said the 100 days was a meaningless measure but talked endlessly about it anyway, they had John McCain’s economic man on there saying how Obama actually had a pretty good 100 days. Thats nice as anything.

They have a lot of air time on the media circuit, and no one wants to get caught not covering the current event of the day, even if it isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit. The media, of course, has its own weird notion of what’s important. I remember Jimmy Berslin or some such saying how the real story about the Kennedy assassination was the guys who dug his grave, and so he interviewed them. I never thought that was much of a story, even when I was a kid. The real story was that Kennedy got his ass shot off in Dallas Texas and a number of very embarrassing Congressional investigations having to do with the president balling an East German spy were put to sleep.

Here are some stories that could be burning air time instead of this 100 days bullshit.

Dead zones in our waterways double every year, according to a thing I saw on Frontline recently. A dead zone is a place where nothing lives in the water. The Chesapeake Bay is 40 percent dead now. Will it be 80 percent dead this year? What will happen then? Is there a way to re-oxygenate the Bay? How about the oceans?

The Superintendent of Police in Islamabad complains that he does not have the resources to defend the city against Taliban insurgents. (See Paragraph 8 of “In Islamabad, a Sense of Forboding” in today’s Washingtopn Post.) Islamabad, for those of you morons who don’t know, is the CAPITAL of Pakistan!!

We spend billions to fight the war on drugs every year and every year we fail to stop drugs coming into the country, fail to cure junkies of their addictions and fail to make drugs inaccessible to people who are about to become junkies. When are we going to get smart and make drugs legal?

The GOOP under Busch eviscerated the agencies that keep our air clean, water safe and food edible. How much will it really cost us to get back to the point where we can be assured that someone is keeping an eye on these important environmental issues?

The city of Dallas spends $2.5 million every year mowing highway medians. How much does the rest of the country waste on this silly exercise. When will it stop?

4 thoughts on “100 Daze”

  1. You get a lot of flowers naturally if you stop mowing. I have one hiway department planner complaining that indiginous flowers “look like weeds” when they are not in bloom…true, of course, a weed is just a flower in the wrong place. I have nothing against gardening in median strips, as long as there is no mowing. Some states allow farmers to crop the median, which is fine. The land is then productive and it does not cost the taxpayer.

  2. PB, not mowing sounds like a great idea, AG of Pumpkin Center fame once said “he never hurt anyone, not even the weeds” but would this not be a conservative approach, government not involved? In Dallas unheard of.

    PAX, ub

  3. I don’t really intend to pick on Dallas for this (they are so sensitive down in the red states) but that’s a number I found… for all I know Cleveland spends twice as much. If one city spends that kind of money, what does the rest of the world spend? And I don’t think the Dallas budget includes equipment. And BTW there are companies that specialize in making equipment to mow along highway medians. This means there is a big lobby for highway mowing.

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