Potpourri Wednesday

  • Norm Coleman is not a good American. He is thwarting small-d democracy by dragging his feet on a conclusion to this ridiculous Senate race (He’s asked the state supreme court to give him more time for his appeal. That’s horseshit. He’s just biding time to keep us from 60 and to raise munny. Norm. Buddy. You lost.) Prior to The Immediate Former President’s outright theft of the office with the help of the Untied States Supreme Court, there was at least a veneer of gentlemanly behavior to be observed. One would realize that the jig was probably up and concede. Now, it’s just how can you sue your way to office. Talk about overly-litigious weenies. It’s not the trial lawyers. It’s the politicians.
  • Dick Cheney is not an American at all. He is a simple fascist. No good American as prominent as he would be standing up and saying the things he’s saying about the Obama-led America. Fortunately, Mr. Obama is a genius at rising above. I am not worried one iota about Obama. Cheney’s soul, or what’s left of it, now, that’s an entirely different question.
  • Bernie Sanders is awesome.
  • Greenwald points out something sad: It’s become referred to generically now as “the torture debate.” This is sad and stupid. There’s no debate on “torture.” You’re not supposed to do it. Period. Next question.
  • “Torture” is only utilized for two reasons. One, you are a government keen on terrorizing your own people and keeping them in line. Two, to make people say what you want them to say. New word out of an Armed Services Committee report that, indeed, what The Immediate Past President wanted them to say was that Saddam did it. Say it with me one more time: The War Is Stupid.
  • New category, what the hell, named of course after a Frank Zappa song. “The Torture Never Stops.”
  • Here’s an interesting idea. Nominate a guy to head FEMA who was the director of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management, as opposed to the former head of the Arabian Horsey Association.

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