Transparently Politically-Motivated Horseshit

Twitter dude @mikememoli deserves tons of new followers for the best line of the day regarding today’s “teabag” thing: “A confused Queen Elizabeth II relented and has agreed to repeal the Stamp Act.” Click.

We can make the teabag jokes and laugh at the seemingly feckless nature of the “teabag” “protests” of the day all we like, but no matter how we, the earnest and correct students of public policy, try to laugh it off, there’s still something just utterly grating about the whole thing.

Because it’s so clearly not what they’re saying it is. It clearly has nothing to do with concern over government spending or taxes or fear for their childrens’ future in a nation drowning in unfathomable debt. These “parties,” they are so clearly the same old shyte—bare political attacks based on superstition and hearsay.

It’s almost embarrassing to have to point it out. The only thing that’s changed from 11:55 a.m. January 20 to now is who’s in office. NOTHING has changed on the issue of taxes; we still live under the Bush tax regime (excepting perhaps taxes on tobacco). MUCH of the TARP spending happened before this Prez and this Congress even packed their bags.

These people are not actually protesting about policy, as they claim. They are protesting about politics. And not even real politics, but some odd made-up politics that doesn’t actually exist.

It is the politics of this, video of an apparent planning meeting of some kind in Copley, Ohio.

A personal note: I spent my teens living in the same football conference as Copley. Believe me: This part of the country does not change much from this once you leave the restaurant.

One can appreciate a few ironies about today. Here in Washington, this alleged protest against government intervention was prevented from dumping a whole bunch of teabags on Lafayette Park because it lacked a permit. Not to mention the irony that the protest was held in a park. A federally-funded park. Not to mention of course that “tea-bagging” is slang for a certain unmentionable activity.

What a weird day.

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