Rendering History As So Much Gibberish

Am knee-deep in The Thom Hartmann Show today. He’s addressing good stuff, specifically the outlandish shenanigans the Conservabots are performing with regards to American history. Glenn Beck, apparently, has now co-opted the memory of one Thomas Paine:

Do we really think that Paine ever said “we’re mad as hell?” Thom Paine was that century’s Howard Beale? Really?

Hartmann has also pointed out the intellectual disingenuous of these crappy tea parties, considering that the original Tea Party was in part a protest of the occupying government’s favoring one corporate interest over another. It was in part waged over the issue of fair trade, but I betcha the idea of protecting our markets these days would go over like a led balloon at these parties. More popularly, of course, The Tea Party was about “taxation without representation.” Which is utterly more stupid because there’s only one corner of the country that can legitimately claim that malady…that would be the locale that George Clinton used to call “Chocolate City…” Hmmm… You reckon a lot of the disenfranchised of Washington, D.C. will be showing up at these parties?

One thought on “Rendering History As So Much Gibberish”

  1. Wow.

    And remember Tebaggery is totally a grassroots thing, no corporate sponsorship at all. 3 minutes plus of Fox time is like worthless.

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