A Threshold Event

Update: The Associated Press calls it like I see it.

And, by the way, did not the Obama Administration have a threshold day today, what with the successful, dramatic rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips? Is there not a dramatic contrast to be drawn with these events? Any time crisis struck during the previous administration, it always seemed to lead to nothing but disaster and death, despite that we’ve been told time and time again that they were the right guys to “keep us safe.”

Here’s what the resolution of a crisis looks like under President Obama:

Can we surgically implant a muzzle on Cheney now? Can we please stop hearing happy horseshit about the President being tested and that he won’t “keep us safe?” Our government just kicked the crap out of a tense, difficult hostage situation in the Indian Ocean, and it did it with four million times the aplomb that the previous dolts would have been able to muster, and that happened under the leadership of President Barack Obama. So, STFU, Dick Cheney. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, you robot.

(While we’re at it, can we hear a little policy issue from the White House about the state of affairs in Somalia? It may be about time to take that bull by the horns, no?)

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