Langford Unleashed

I’m not being funny when I say this: Howard 100 News bulldog Steve Langford has gotten himself one hell of a story, one that KIAV has touched upon a time or two now: Privatized prisons.

The background: Stern wack-packer Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, 39, best known for countless unsuccessful attempts at blowing smoke through his eyes, was arrested Upper Chichester Township, Pa., in March 2008, on a charge of attempted child abduction after he was accused of trying to pull a girl into his car. He had denied any wrongdoing. Already on probation, he went to Delaware County Prison, run at the time by The Geo Group, Inc.

On April 24, Kallenbach died. It was said he had pneumonia, but Kallenbach also suffered from cystic fibrosis. His mother claimed he had not received proper treatment in custody.

In August, Geo pulled the Delaware contract.

Langford has been covering this story feverishly and thoroughly, from the standpoint of Kallenbach’s death, Geo’s involvement, and on the larger issue of private prisons. His reporting on this subject should, seriously, garner him a nod at the National Press Club awards.

Langford’s most recent story about this:

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