The President Speaks Truth to Morons

George Will launched the latest Republican Talking Point about Obama. He says The President is now campaigning for office, not running the country.

Let me explain this carefully to George The Moron Will. What Obama has been doing is leading. Leading involves a continual process of explaining to the led where we are going and why we are going there. If that’s campaigning for office, so be it.

Perhaps Obama would not have to spend so much time explaining his policies to people if the GOP were not so vocal in opposition. Obama is the second president in History who has had to hold office against a vast and well organized conservative media complex. We have been hearing the talking points since day one. The stimulus package is too big, its not the right formula, there are too many earmarks, the president is spreading himself too thin. All points sanctioned by the GOP scream machine and blasted hourly over FOX noise and its natural ally, CNBC and George Will and through fellow travelers like NPR.

The primary point of rebuttal has come from the White House and, since the first days of the administration when the President realized he had to take his show on the road to get the stimulus bill passed, the White House has run with the ball.

And a great campaign the Leader of the Free World is running. He actually tells the truth. He takes the wind out of political talking points with careful explanations and actual facts. Not all earmarks are bad. We will stop the bad ones. By the way, the people who voted against the bill because two percent of it was earmarks had earmarks of their own.

Bill Clinton fought media battles on more personal issues and ultimately won. One lesson Obama takes from those dark years of the vast right-wing conspiracy is that you cannot run away from explaining complex issues. You must speak truth to morons. Its easier to explain that tax cuts got us into the mess we are in now and cannot get us out than it is to invent a snappier sound bite. In the long run, a public that relies on soundbites may never understand valid public policy well enough to keep it alive for a generation. Public education is essential.

The leader of the Free World must also be educator in chief. Obama should keep campaigning if that’s what it is.

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