I Don't Get It

Here is the editorial cartoon everyone’s talking about today, courtesy of the New York Post. As per usual, the axiom holds: The real sin here isn’t that it’s offensive. It’s that it isn’t funny.

For starters, if it is a racist dig at President Obama, it doesn’t work very well. Obama didn’t write the stimulus bill. That bill came out of the House and Senate. In fact, it would have been a hell of a lot better of a bill had Obama kept his hand more securely on the rudder. Not to mention: “the next” stimulus bill? Who’s to say there’s going to be another? We hope this one does the trick for strict economic stimulus, so what the hell? The next one?

No doubt. This cartoon doesn’t do whatever the hell it’s trying to do very well. Is it calling Obama a chimp? Is it saying that mad chimps wrote the stimulus plan? What?

I suppose I can’t fault it too terribly, considering my own post of yesterday. Still. It could use some funny.

Anyone feel like helping it out in the comments?

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