Again With The Moonbat Radio Bloviating

I have written lyrics to the theme music that introduces “The Ron Kuby Show.” I must write to Mr. Kuby and ask him what that music is. It is awesome.

Sing along:

Hey, Ron Kuby!
You’re so groovy!
Rockin’ Ron Kuby!
Do you like movies?
You…don’t have cooties.

Of course it’s stupid. But it is a piece of music that seems to me to demand stupid lyrics.

I recently heard Kuby interview Andrew Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital, who argues against government stimulus. Schiff begins with a very good point: Where the hell does the money come from? He concludes, correctly, that the government will have to borrow it or to print it, neither good options.

Schiff then argues that a stimulus will be injected to maintain artificial growth and to interrupt a natural correction. We are, he says, and I’m paraphrasing, floating on a bubble of wealth that is sorely overvalued. Government intervention, he says, will only prolong the bloat.

However, I am sorry to say, both interviewer and interviewee here have missed a vital point. The bloated wealth of the USA is not homogeneous. It is polarized, the effect of 40 years of war on the middle class. Opposing a stimulus bill—the purpose of which is to get cash into the hands of the middle class, who are more inclined than any other actors in our economy to spend it—based on a theory of overall wealth and a need for correction, is misguided. Believe me, I’d love for the Paris Hiltons of the world to face a correction in the states of their wealth. Not a good idea, though, if it ends up that those at the top feel it as a pea through 92 mattresses while the middle class ends up with its dick in the dirt.

Which reminds me: I’d like to once again bloviate about moonbat radio.

Bad news, liberal talk is dead in D.C. The station 1260 AM will flip or has flipped to biz talk. Of course, the right-wang blogs are giddy.

Air America Radio ought to have read this blog years ago, when it argued this: When AAR made its deal with XM (with offices right here in The Nation’s Capital), it ought to have leveraged the deal to have a real on-air presence here. An entire radio network dedicated to discussing public policy cannot be taken seriously without some sort of broadcasting presence in Washington. It is one of a few reasons I think AAR has not been everything we’d hoped it’d be.

It has me wondering if Big Ed did read KIAV when we laid out that plan. He’s made the move. Too late to save 1260 AM, though.

As previously noted, there are right-wang bloggoos who are giddy about this development. Take note of that. These are folks who are elated out of their minds when the idea marketplace shrinks and who are consternated as hell that AAR and other liberal radio outlets even exist. Again, the official KIAV definition of the terms “liberal” and “conservative:”

A liberal is somebody who, when he first encounters Voltaire’s declaration that “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it,” gets misty-eyed and says, “That’s beautiful.” A conservative is somebody who, when he first encounters the quote, clenches his fist and says, “Who’s this Voltaire faggot?”

The fact is that liberal talk failed here not because it lacks merit. If it did, would Danny Snyder bother giving Big Ed a try on WTNT? No, it failed because a guy with a bullhorn has more broacasting power than does 1260AM. I would have loved to support my local affiliate rather than turning to satellite and Internet and podcasts. But it was not possible. And what sort of promotion went behind that station? Any? Any at all? Hello?

Of all the markets where liberal talk should flourish, one would think it’d be here. D.C. is a democratic stronghold and a town of wonks. But AAR set itself up as a New York market first and foremost and didn’t ever seem to care about supporting its lineup here or about being present here. Now, there are two liberal yappers based here, Bill Press and Big Eddie. Which is great. Now they need to be on the radio here.

2 thoughts on “Again With The Moonbat Radio Bloviating”

  1. The Song is “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. You may have heard of him. It already has lyrics, you might want to check them out. And, if I may say so, you really need to get out more.

  2. Yes, yes I do; but that’s irrelevant, Mr. Kuby. Let me clarify: “What’s Going On” is not the song to which I refer. Believe me, I know Marvin Gaye. That entire album is in my top five. It is nearly perfect.

    The tune to which I refer is the happy pipe organ music you use, the Shirley Scott sounding tune. I would love to know that artist. I am always looking for obscure pipe organ soul like that (see Shirley Scott, queen of the genre…)

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