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Deadly Force: A detailed account of the unwarranted (literally, the warrant was “on the way” at the time and later proved to be incomplete) raid on the Berwyn Heights home of Cheye Calvo and Trinity Tomsic—the town’s mayor and his wife, during which the S.W.A.T. team shot the couple’s two dogs to death and apparently terrorized the crap out of Ms. Tomsic’s mother, not to mention them.

When I first heard of this story, I insisted on politicizing it—no surprise there—saying that this is the kind of crap that happens in a world propelled by the Bush administration. I don’t strike the sentiment entirely, but I’m afraid it’s too general an assertion and not entirely accurate considering the jurisdictions. But there certainly are many positions that can be seen and supported by this outrageous story, for starters, the vital importance of the process of law. The utter futility of the drug war. The immorality of the death penalty in the face of such possibility of human error and mistaken guilt. And, as well explored in the article by the work of Radley Balko of Cato (yes, I am referring glowingly to Cato), the rising use of police-state techniques in pursuance of said drug war.

God-damn, what a tragedy. Berwyn Heights is really a nice little town.

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