Thom Hartmann of January 8

Liberals are the ones who built America. I defy you to find any good dimension of American life, five-day work week, 40-hour work week, Social Security, paid vacation, clean food, safe drugs, workman’s compensation, unemployment benefits, I defy you to find one benefit that the Republicans have brought us, that the conservatives have brought us. They don’t exist.

—Thom Hartmann

If you listen to only one hour of liberal talk radio this year, make it the first hour of yesterday’s Thom Hartmann. Hartmann analyzes Obama’s incredible first major policy speech and wonders if the President-Elect is telegraphing a new trade policy. He discusses the “Two Santas” theory, a particular fetish of the neoconservatives. He refutes a caller with panache. The man was on fire yesterday.

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