Cenk is Right

I am not a big listener to The Young Turks. I will be honest; I found the show more listenable when Ben was there and certainly much more listenable when Jill was there. Cha-cha-cha. But I find it now to be one of the worst offenders of the one-man one-mic radio model that I think ruins a lot of moonbat radio. However, I do really like to READ Cenk Uygur.

Cenk has sounded off on the current situation in Israel, and he is right, though I might raise.

Cenk says the current crisis is the fault of the Untied States of America, that, because our boneheaded foreign policy boneheads insisted on elections in Gaza and then balked when Hamas won the elections, our keystone cop diplomatic efforts helped sow the seeds for the disaster we’re seeing now. I am down with that.

You see, there is but one American President, the much maligned Jimmy Carter, who has ever actually achieved peace in the Middle East. Mr. Carter wrote a book on the subject that took a lot of flack, primarily from those who did not get past the title jacket, called Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. One big idea Carter expresses in the book is that Middle East peace is not possible without vigorous intervention by a third party, and that the United States is uniquely qualified for the job.

Of course, the Opposite Day administration of the Current President departed drastically from this sound advice. From day one, this administration has been completely disinterested, and, when it did choose to inject itself, has always misread the tea leaves.

Now, I may depart from many liberals on this subject. I think that Israel has every right to strike against an organization that codifies against its right to exist. I do of course wish it could have waited until responsible leadership was installed here so a new peace process could begin. But there is little doubt that the bloodshed that’s occurring right now is the direct result of a botched foreign policy by the Current President.

Thank goodness we finally elected the right guy. 21 days to go.

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