How Big is Our Tent?

Rick Warren has been has been telling us a lot about how he understands gay people, and man he knows a lot!!! In a fascinating interview on ABC News, The Reverend Rick says Gay people want to fuck everybody all the time. He admits that he wants to fuck every good looking woman he sees. But The Reverend Rick has great restraint because he is a civilized Christian man, and he is not gonna fuck the neighbor’s wife, or any of the beautiful women in his congregation. (And I guess that means he isn’t going to go out and buy it like some of his evangelical colleagues occasionally do.) However, unlike the Reverend Rick, Gay people have no restraint, so they do fuck everybody all the time.

So I guess that’s why Gay people shouldn’t get the same marriage rights as other people. They won’t stop fucking their neighbors’ husbands!! What was that I said about loudmouthed know-it-all blowhard preachers?

I cannot imagine a greater insult to the quiet, scholarly, successful (both lawyers) lesbian couple whose (not legal) wedding I attended 10 years ago, which they held on the 10th anniversary of their relationship. (Parents of two bright, happy children.) Or to my dear friend who lives quietly in the DC Suburbs with her lover of 12 years, or to the two nicest men I know, one a professional gardner, one a lawyer, together since college over 30 years ago. Then there is my brother, who was once my sister, who has been with his wife (also a not legal ceremony I attended five years ago) for about 10 years. Happy by all accounts and looking forward to their first child.

These people, my gay and lesbian friends and family with long-standing, monogamous relationships, would all be very welcomed in The Reverend’s church provided they repent of their evil ways and become straight. Give up their lovers and find someone else. Maybe a lonely church member who can’t find a gal no how. The Reverend even has a treatment program for the gay disease to help them on their way. Such a deal. Salvation and the straight life all in one neat bundle!!

And now, Warren says that his support for Proposition 8 was not at all about sex. Of course he was very upset about the redefinition of marriage, which has been well established for 5,000 years. Even Muslims agree that marriage is between one man and one woman…. well maybe Muslem men get a few extra babes, but who is counting? (Where did this guy study history?) And Warren says his big objection was about free speech. Yeah. No kidding. It seems that if Proposition 8 had passed, preachers could no longer spew hatred of gay people from the pulpit. It would be viewed as hate speech, he said, and could be prosecuted. Specious nonsense.

The Reverend Warren is a slick weasel. If you listen to his BeliefNet interview he appears to be fairly reasonable. For example, he appears to endorse civil unions. When asked that question specifically, he said, “I don’t know if I’d use the term there but I support full equal rights for everybody in America. I don’t believe we should have unequal rights depending on particular lifestyles so I fully support equal rights.” If you read the transcript, where he has been allowed to clarify his views, he says, “ No American should ever be discriminated against because of their beliefs. Period. But a civil union is not a civil right. Nowhere in the constitution can you find the “right” to claim that any loving relationship identical to marriage. It’s just not there.”

I do not think the tent is big enough for this guy.

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