Secretary of State Clinton

President-Elect Obama has a knack for personnel in the exact same way that The Current President doesn’t.

He is making personnel decisions that seem not just good, not just right, but downright inspired. When I heard the name “Rahm Emanuel” as COS, I immediately thought, “Eureka!” and bolted out of the tub. A coworker I often discuss such matters shook her head. She said Rahm wouldn’t take the job. She said her inside poop indicated Obama/Emanuel personality clashiness, and that due to that, Obama would not offer, and Emanuel would not accept.

I told her he would and he would. Because the choice was inspired. It was inspired and it had to be. And there you have it.

Hillary Clinton at State is the same deal. I know this sounds odd, considering all the digital ink I spilled calling the woman “Tweety Monster” and wishing she’d just dry up and blow away back in New York. But the idea of Hillary at State, it seems so damned, well, you know: Inspired. I know the most oft-mentioned choice is Kerry, but that’s never sat quite right with me, and nor has the suggestion of Bill Richardson. But Hillary Clinton at State? Inspired.

Update: For a completely opposite viewpoint on this, please see The Pensito Review.

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  1. Well, I’d love to see her in a Cabinet position, but one hasn’t really been offered yet. I’d love to see Donna Brazile appointed somewhere also, but I don’t know where.

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