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If you’re watching The Rachel Maddow Show this evening, you’re hearing a lot about booming and how ineffectively it’s being deployed in the Gulf.

If you want to learn all about it, you should go read this immediately.

By the by, do you know what moniker British Petroleum once went by? Do you? Huh?

The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

Formed first as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company following a deal struck with the then Shah in 1901.

Then 50 years later Mossadeq took power in Iran and nationalized the oil, pushing the AIOC out.

Then in 1953, the CIA forced Mossadeq out.

And guess who got to do business in Iran again? Until, oh, about 1979?

Yep. The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. (Which became the British Petroleum Company in 1954.)


'Obama's Katrina' My Ass

Am starting to hear even from liberal commentators that the Oil Geyser is starting to feel like “Obama’s Katrina.” Hogwash.

Yes. It’s bad. It’s so bad it’s making Bobby Jindal look good. Remember. THIS is Bobby Jindal:

Of course, it would behoove us to remember that Jindal is a card-carrying member of the “drill baby drill” party. Sorry, Bobby, you don’t get points now, not when you were probably among the crazed throng in the Twin Cities a few summers ago. Your party was the asshole who decided to make offshore drilling a political issue, despite the fact that the tech simply hasn’t gotten far along enough to be safe (can it ever?). You asked for it, buddy, and you got it. Enjoy your fucked seafood industry. Douche.

But no, kids, this is NOT “Obama’s Katrina.” That is an impossibility. Comparing this thing to Katrina is as sensible as comparing Kent State to the Holocaust—and I do not make this reference lightly.

Just look at the sheer numbers. Conservative estimates put the death toll as a result of Katrina at ONE THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX people. Direct death toll as a result of the Deepwater Horizon ‘splosion? 11.

But the numbers don’t precisely explain why this is no way no how even close to being “Obama’s Katrina.” Katrina was a unique monster. It warned America that the George Dubya Boosh administration was quite comfortable not acting while thousands of our fellow citizens were stranded on their own rooftops and were drowning in their own attics. It was a dramatic exposition of the argument we’d been making for years here at the KIAV: That the administration was an incompetent fuckup that cared more about power than it did about the safety and welfare of the American people.

This is not to say that there isn’t some criticism to be leveled at the federal response to this disaster. But the feds’ limp-wristed response to this is largely due to the fact that we have too long tolerated life in a goose-stepping, global corporatocracy. Do you grasp that Uncle Sam has tried to send independed observers to the Gulf but was REBUFFED by a foreign corporation, the very same foreign corporation that CAUSED this shit?

Doesn’t that piss you off? Doesn’t it make you yearn for a more muscular federal government, one that doesn’t take shit from nobody? It sure does me.

Still. Anyone who says this is “Obama’s Katrina” doesn’t understand what the hell Katrina was.