Sweet Merciful Crap!

So, NovaM Radio, home to Randi Rhodes and Mad Mike Malloy, has not only (allegedly) failed financially, but there’s a little bit of batshit crazy going on over there, allegedly. LTR has the scoop, as usual, in the form of a letter from Rhodes’ attorney. They’ve gone bankrupt. They stopped paying people two weeks ago. And Sheldon Drobny has had a nervous breakdown and has tried to off himself. (Allegedly.) Holy shit.

I mean, I’ve stopped being such a faithful Randi listener. I’m more inclined these days to aspire to hear Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, and Ron Kuby. Rachel’s radio show is essentially no longer and she’s better on the TV machine anyways. Randi can be one of the best in-depth folks on an issue, but she’s often not, not these days. I am utterly sorry she’s apparently on the fall because that broad taught me a lot. This blog wishes her and Mr. Drobny well.