Jobs = Labor. Labor = Jobs.

I have just heard new congressional candidate Alan Grayson (yes, he’s running again, I shall have to see if I can get a few scheckels behind him, and I mean literally, where I work now they pay in scheckels) say something on the radio as a guest of Mr. Thom Hartmann, that we have been saying here on this Web space for quite a while. Why in bloody hell are we talking about the debt ceiling and stuff?

(A: Because the Republigoats want us to.)

Grayson’s point was, and I am paraphrasing, that all of this stuff is somewhat cerebral because, while we are up against a deadline about the “debt ceiling,” the little stupid stuff they’re sniping about is over a budget that takes effect in like 2021.

Meanwhile, remember them job numbers? Yeah, that shit is happening right now.

This conversation should be about jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. And you don’t get to talk about that if you aren’t talking about labor, labor, labor, labor, labor. They are one and the same. When you see stories about these governors attacking labor, you’re seeing stories about governors attacking jobs. Labor = jobs. Hell, labor == jobs*. Take away collective bargaining from employees, and you take away their power to preserve and create JOBS.

Sorry to be Maddow-redundant about this. I just don’t understand how you can expect a country that doesn’t respect and revere labor to produce jobs.

*In formal logic, this means it is “exactly equal to.”


At 3:15, Congressman Grayson at last says what I previously said needs said. Senate Republigoats AND BEN NELSON fought long and hard to withhold munny from you that you’ve already paid in. Once again, Grayson kicks ass and takes names.