I'm Rooting For Seattle

“I kind of had gone through these four years and I found myself sayin’, ‘Hey, Lord, you know, I really want to win football games and wind up coming out of this with a platform that I can honor you,’ ” Gibbs said. “That’s what I was trying to say to the Lord. And it really caused some soul-searching for me because I realized probably in there that I was probably kidding myself and kidding the Lord.

“What I was doing was probably wanting it a lot for myself and not really being honest with the Lord,” he continued. “And I think I needed to ask him for forgiveness on that. What I should be sayin’ is what he wants. I should be sayin,’ this is what God wants, not what I want.”

Tom Tancredo, Meet John Grisham. Ah. I See You Have Already.

A book review from Daddy Bonk. Man. I cannot wait to get to the Farm.


The Brethern might be one of John Grisham’s worst books.

I am having a very hard time finishing it—a bad melodrama about a member of the John F. Kennedy Look Alike Caucus who is tapped by the CIA to be the next president of the United States. There is some complication in the plot related to a bunch of lawyers serving time in federal prison for various frauds and murders and such who have a blackmailing ring. I have not had the patience to read far enough to figure out the exact connection. Probably a bribery thing coming up. It is not relevant.

Tom Tancredo, or one of his bat-brained aids, didn’t have to read that far either to get the idea for his Scare America Campaign. Yes. The CIA has decided that Congressman Lake, clean-cut, card-carrying member of the JFK Look Alike Caucus, will become president by scaring the shit out of America. So they run these ads about terrorists with nukes running around killing Americans. And the tagline?


Tom Tancredo is a shit-for-brains dumbass, and I can’t be too upset that his entire ad is plagiarized from John Grisham. Part of me is a little annoyed that the mainstream press didn’t catch this. The other part of me has concluded that only a shit-for-brains dumbass would read this book anyway.


For context, courtesy of YouTube. Complete unfortunately with the original poster’s dipshit political commentary. My posting of this piece of shit here should in no way be construed as support.

The Bar Association of Rochester, N.Y. Does Something Cool

Father of KIAV pointed this one out. From RNews:

Solidarity For Pakistani Lawyers
by Mike Hedeen

Members of the Rochester judicial community marched to the Hall of Justice Thursday in support of their colleagues in Pakistan.

Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf declared emergency rule across the country last week and imposed a state of emergency.

The local rally was to show solidarity for the judges and lawyers arrested by the Pakistani military.

“It’s an attack upon the independence of the judiciary, the role of lawyers achieving social order, and the role of judges and lawyers holding everybody accountable to the law, even the highest political officials of a country,” explained Tom Smith, president of the Monroe County Bar Association.

Pakistan native Ruhi Maker is an attorney with the Empire Justice Center. She practiced law in Pakistan before moving to the United States.

Some of those under house arrest are her former colleagues.

“The gentleman who was my boss represented the chief justice, the recent Supreme Court chief justice in the recent event that occurred, he’s right now in prison,” Maker explained. “Nobody knows where he is. Rumor has it, and you have to realize there is limited news coverage so we have to rely on e-mails, that he is allegedly in a prison where people are taken to be tortured.”

When she was growing up in Pakistan, Maker says the United States was funding the Taliban, and some believe that group is looking to become a powerful force in the country’s government.

Maker blames the current problems in her homeland on U.S. foreign policy.

“It’s too much in the military’s interest to keep things going as the way they are,” she said. “If the Taliban would stop being a problem, if Osama were caught, Musharraf would lose all legitimacy. It’s what keeps him in power because the U.S. keeps him in power.”

The Pakistani Supreme Court was to rule on whether Musharraf could run for another presidential term and remain the top army general. He has since suspended the upcoming elections.

A Modest Execution Solution

I do not believe in the death penalty. But like a lot of things I don’t believe in—the invasion and occupation of Iraq, SUVs, tax exempt churches, criminal penalties for drug use—we have them and we will continue to have them until Americans get as smart as I am. Not likely that will happen in my lifetime. So just a few thoughts on this foolishness about lethal injections that fail.

The most humane method of executing someone, from the perspective of the victim, is probably the guillotine. I suspect it is no scarier to be led up to the blade and be laid out on it than being led to a scaffold or an electric chair, or strapped to a gurney. You are aware the whole time that you are in your waning minutes, and the devices you see will kill you. At least with a Guillotine, it’s fast, and probably not very painful. I suspect the same could be said of a quick shot to the head with a 12 gauge, or a 30 Calibre bullet to the heart (which as I recall is what they do in Utah).

The problem with these quick and easy methods is that from the perspective of the killer, they leave lasting impressions. I hope I can report with some satisfaction and sense of human progress that we no longer take joy from lifting heads out of the basket and displaying them to the crowds.  Still, whacking off a head is a messy business. It would require that someone clean it up, wash down the killing room, remove the separate parts. Same for the shot to the head. Shot to the heart is less messy, but they say they use a full firing squad with only one person having a bullet, so that the shooters don’t know for sure that they caused the death…deniability, the theory is, spares the conscience. And what if one misses? (And why is it that
firing squads are queasier than hangmen?)

Hanging was for many years viewed as a humane way to do it if you tied the rope right. It is the oldest of the no muss no fuss methods. So clean in fact that lynching crowds in the American south often cut off body parts before the hanging, just for sport, and the Brits did the drawing and quartering thing.

In modern times, however, we have sought out “humane” ways to kill that did not leave a mess. The electric chair, for example. No one seemed to be too bothered by the smell of singed hair and cooked brains. In general it left an intact package that could easily be carted off. Gas was used for a while in some states,  California used it on Carrol Chessman, and the Feds used it on the Rosenbergs.

The lethal injection seems to be the perfect killing tool for those who want to think they are being humane and also want to avoid the problem of mopping up. So why is it so hard? Apparently the guy that first recommended it suggested a complex drug cocktail that would do its work fast and painlessly…but only if administered just right, which of course, no one seems to be able to do. Incompetents are everywhere, even in the killng rooms of our nation’s prisons.

Let me make a suggestion. Use morphine. Lots of it. 1,000 milligrams. Maybe More. It’s clean. Its painless, and if you screw it up the victim won’t give a shit. He’ll just ask for more.