I have just come from picking up some delightful food at a Tex-Mex place in my neighborhood. Good food, well priced. Very nice, we may just have to offer it a review at Sure Why Not?. But it added a thought to my rant regarding energy.

In this little tiny restaurant, there was a television on the wall. And it was on, playing some ridiculous Spanish soap opera. It was me and two guys talking Spanish as they sipped orange sodas and ate chips with salsa. Nobody was actually watching the television.

At least in my neck of the woods, this is the norm now. It never used to be like that. But now, you can’t walk into a restaurant or a barber shop or a car mechanic’s without there being a TV set turned on.

I just wonder, is it really oil we’re addicted to? Or is it TV, which uses a hell of a lot of power? (Not that I can talk. I watch so much television that I practically AM a television.)

Also, I wanted to note this news item: In March, the U.S. economy showed the biggest monthly increase in jobs in three years. Now it’s not all it should be cracked up to be and the unemployment rate remains un-budged. But I still insist on claiming some credit for predicting we’d see movement on jobs in the spring.

A Prediction

With all this talk of Prudence Palin, one would think that she’s the second GOOP cumming.

She’s not. Liberals of America, get your fists read for Piyush “Bobby” Jindal.

He suffered a similar fate as did Prudence Palin. He got pulled too early to the national stage and got horribly embarrassed by it.

And when did you last hear of him?

He went into hiding and, I guarantee, into heavy media training.

I bet you a dollar that Jindal comes out swinging in 2012. And I bet he’ll be fierce.

McWeirdsmile Predictions

I predict that “presumptive” “presidential” “nominee” John Sidney McWeirdsmile will announce his pick for “running” “mate” by COB Aug. 1, and probably sooner than that, probably more like Monday, July 28. The McWeirdsmile campaign had a horrific week, and they know they need a bump. They’ll announce and try to ride the glide for a month.

I also predict that there will be a serious bid to unseat McWeirdsmile as the Republigoat nominee from the floor of the Republigoat convention (Sept. 1-4, Minneapolis-St. Paul, where bridges fall out of the sky). It will be a serious enough bid that the party will have to either let it go to the floor or will have to bargain it away, serious enough certainly to make news. Party “loyalists” haven’t been happy with the nod in the first place because they think that a man who can’t comb his own hair is a spawn of the devil. Now that McWeirdsmile’s impression of Tim Conway’s “The Old Man” in the cheese aisle has been made public, many in the party will decide that their “nominee” is unelectable and will try to unseat him.

Predicting is fun.

Here's What Happens

On March 4, Barack Obama will win the Republic of Tejas with double digit margins. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton will win Ohio by 5 or 6 points. Since she, not Obama, is actually the candidate “using tactics that are right out of Karl Rove’s playbook,” Hillary Clinton will follow this meek win with a barnburner of a speech, accepting her victory as ungraciously as she has accepted her defeats. She will act as if the Ohio win is a landslide national mandate for her to continue running. She will act as if that little primary over in Tejas never occurred. Obama will also pick off Vermont. I do not have an inkling about Rhode Island.

From then, the next remotely big contest is April 22, Pennsylvania (74 delegates), with Mississippi’s 39 delegates and the Virgin Islands’ 9 up in between. That means more than a month of dry campaigning, indeed, two months until Indiana and North Carolina offer up more than a hundred delegates on May 6. That’s two months in which John McCain gets to tool around the country looking presidential and accepting as much campaign dollar as is tossed at him, two months of relative peace on the Democratic side, for the Republigoats to grab the national spotlight, two uninterrupted months for McCain to kiss the asses of movement conservatives and to construct his coalition.

After the big Tejas debate, John Alter said Sen. Clinton had nothing left to do but to decide whether to go out classy, or to go out fighting. She has apparently decided, expressing fury Saturday that Barack Obama has opted to run on the issues. From the AP story:

“Hillary Rodham Clinton angrily accused her Democratic rival Saturday of deliberately misrepresenting her positions on NAFTA and health care in mass mailings to voters, adding, ‘Shame on you, Barack Obama.'”

She did. She actually said “shame on you.”

“Clutching two of Obama campaign mailings in her hand for emphasis, the former first lady said, ‘enough with the speeches and the big rallies and then using tactics that are right out of Karl Rove’s playbook.'”

As mentioned previously, the truth is that the one who’s seemed to stumbled onto that particular volume on eBay is Sen. Clinton. There are, however, multple problems: She’s not good enough at it; he’s too good at rising above it; and the voters are just too keen at discerning and despising such horseshit.

It is nearly ironic that Hillary Clinton is now attacking Barack Obama for insisting on running on issues. Would it have been better, Hill, had he placed fliers under windshield wipers with altered images of you getting it on with Sandra Bernhardt? No, of course not, because hyperbolic false outrage—covered in Section Seven of the Rove Playbook, “Hyperbolic False Outrage and Terri Schiavo, A Case Study”—can be drawn from any situation.

But my favorite part of this story is thus: “‘Meet me in Ohio,’ she said. ‘Let’s have a debate about your tactics and your behavior in this campaign.’ The two are scheduled to debate Tuesday in Cleveland.”

This shit just makes me laugh. It’s like yelling out an open window at a bar, come on, bitch, let’s step outside, you punk bitch, at a guy who’s been pacing out there for ten minutes with his sleeves rolled up waiting for you. But, again, this poltical tactic is covered in one of the last chapters of the Rove manual: “The Bald-Faced Recycling of Previously Failed Political Tactics.” Nobody in Wisconsin gave a crap about the claim that Obama would not debate her—he FACED her in Wisconsin. Now, here, she shadowboxes into the same argument, despite the fact that the debate is already set. Good show!

I do not like the Clinton campaign, and I do not think many voters do, either. She has lied, she has opporunistically mischaracterized her opponent’s position, she has used false outrage and false conciliation, she has shown a willingness to change the rules mid-contest, she seemed early to lean on inevitability and she seems now late to have been completely unprepared for a serious challenge that would require endurance. She has made the weird political calculation that it is a good idea to run against hope and change. I think that her campaign’s behavior and its continued drive for the nomination reduces the chances for Democratic success every single day. What’s more, I do not think that Hillary Clinton can beat John McCain in November, whereas I think that Barack Obama will beat his ass. I think Sen. Obama will eventually get the nomination, but, I think that thanks to Sen. Clinton, he’ll be showing up a little late and shaken.

Oddly enough, the man who has most succinctly summed up this race is Alec Baldwin, who recently wrote at HuffPo: “What Mrs. Clinton has that Mr. Obama does not have, Mr. Obama can get. What Mr. Obama has that Mrs. Clinton does not have, she can never get.”

I think (plagiarising now from Big Eddie Schultz) it’s time for some of the Democratic heavy hitters, such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Al Gore, some of the now vanquished candidates, and whoever else, to sit down with the Clinton campaign and to ask them very directly, how do you intend to defeat Barack Obama? And I think if the answer isn’t cohesive or believable enough, I think it’s time for the party to lean on the Clinton campaign to get the hell out and to throw support to the man who’s won the last 11 contests, who has won many of them largely with double-digit margins, who has won many of them largely with record voter turnouts. Barack Obama should be our nominee. Now.

A Prediction: The Obama Roll Takes Off In The Potomac

I am so utterly excited to get to vote tomorrow. Usually, I cast my vote at this time knowing that it won’t do a thing. I am convinced tonight that my vote won’t just be important. I think it will be decisive.

I predict that Barack Obama will have a near shutout in Virginia, Maryland, and (duh) Washington, D.C. I predict that Obama will thrash Hillary Clinton here so handily, and in a way that so defies and bewilders the pollsters, that the momentum Obama takes from here will carry him on a big wet wave all the way to the White House. The numbers you will see here tomorrow will be so unmistakable, so overwhelming, that Hillary Clinton won’t even be able to catch a scent of his dust.

I predict that the nominee will be selected here. In Virginia. In Maryland. In Washington, D.C.

I could be wrong. But you don’t get to ravage the nest unless you go out on the limb.

Please contribute to Dennis Kucinich’s Congressionial campaign.