Just Like The Mighty Penguin

A childhood gem from Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography:

Frank’s younger brother Bobby was born on 28 August 1943. Theresa would care for him while Rosie and Aunt Mary took young Frank shopping with them on weekends at Hecht’s, Hutzler’s, Stewart’s, and Hochschile Kohn, a quartet of elite department stores at the junction of Howard and Lexington Streets. He used to wear a sailor suit with a wooden whistle on a string around his neck. Aunt Mary remembered one outing, when Frank was about three years old, he saw some nuns in the street and said: ‘Look at the lady penguins!’

Pretty Little Red Wing

The first song referenced in Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography is “Pretty Little Red Wing, Indian Maiden.” Mills reports that it is one of the songs Frank’s father Francis and his friends used to serenade the college co-eds. Mills reports that it is a “song with questionable lyrics.”

If the lyrics listed here are accurate, then I’d certainly agree.

Merry Zappadan, and may your BummerNacht be sufficiently gloomy.