The Presidential Resume Game

Early in 2001 I told a colleague that the American people had made a big mistake in electing that moron George W. Busch. (At the time I did not call him “that moron,” he later earned that sobriquet.) My friend, a Republican, agreed that the new president was not as qualified as some, but he pointed out that the job description for President is vague. “He will rise to the occasion,” my friend said, “he will be a great president.”

Yes, there is no job description for President USA. To get some idea of who is qualified, I looked to see who we have hired in the past. Are there any who are especially qualified? Do some merely rise to the occasion? I studied the 18 presidents who served during the 20th Century. Here is what we know.

Education: Nine (Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Ford, Busch, Clinton, Busch) are Ivy Leaguers. Only Truman, had no college education. What might be called tier one schools, served Coolidge (Amherst), Hoover (Stanford), Eisenhower (West Point), Noxin (Duke law), Carter (Annapolis). Harding attended Ohio Central and LBJ, Southwest Texas State, that traitor Raygun attended Eureka College. There are a number of advanced degrees. JFK, attended The London School, and Clinton, Oxford. The best educated overall is probably Wilson. There are a couple of double Ivy Leaguers. TR, Harvard, then Columbia Law. The Moron, Yale and then Harvard MBA.

Military Service: Three were certifiable war heroes (TR, JFK, GHW Busch). (LBJ had a silver star, which biographer Robert Caro says is bogus.) Five others, Truman, Eisenhower, Noxon, Ford and Carter had military experience. The heroes and Truman and Ford were shot at. Carter served in the peacetime Navy. I am not counting LBJ’s service, or the Traitor Raygun’s service in the Hollywood brigade, or The Moron George W. Busch’s use of his father’s influence to get in the National Guard and thus get out of serving in Vietnam.

Occupation: Carter was the only farmer who relied on farming for a living. TR and LBJ had hobby farms. There were a number of law school graduates but only four, Taft, Nixon, Ford, and Clinton (as Attorney General of Arkansas) actually practiced law. Wilson was a University President, Harding a publisher, LBJ a school teacher, Raygun the traitor was an actor and that moron George W. Busch was a failure in business. Hoover was a civil engineer.

Government service: We have a number of governors: both Roosevelts (NY), Wilson (NJ), Harding (Ohio), Coolidge (MA), Carter (GA), Clinton (AR), and The Moron, (TX). U.S. House of Representatives included LBJ, Noxon, Ford and GHW Busch. U. S. Senators include Harding, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Noxin. Vice Presidents include Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Johnson, Noxin, Ford, GHW Busch. Appointed government posts include: Asst. Secy, Navy (both Roosevelts), federal judge, administrator of the Philippines, Secretary of War (Taft), Director, U.S. Food Administration, member, Supreme Economic Council, Director, American Relief Administration, Secretary of Commerce (Hoover); Ambassador to the United Nations, Chief of the U. S. Liaison Office in the People’s Republic of China, and Director of the CIA, (GHW Busch). Truman served as county judge (chief executive) to Jackson County MO for many years.

Only one resume automatically rises to the top. Eisenhower. The Supreme Allied Commander ran the largest international conglomerate in the world from 1942 to 1945, and did it with distinction. For foreign affairs, GHW Busch has pretty impressive credentials. I might put him second on the list.

The VP job is not worth spit, but it is probably a good recommendation to the presidency. Only one of the seven, Coolidge, would rank in the bottom quarter of the class (along with Busch, Harding, Hoover and Kennedy). Truman and Johnson and possibly Teddy Roosevelt, were outstanding.

Governors are presidents in the minor leagues. So both Roosevelts and Raygun come to the top, since they governed the most populous state with the biggest budget in their time. The Roosevelts also have Federal administrative experience (Asst. Secy. Navy) and are Ivy Leaguers. Wilson  managed one of the nation’s premier universities.  Of course, three of the bottom five were governors. Ironically, The Moron’s resume stands out. A captain of industry (resume’s don’t tell you much about failures), fighter pilot, a double Ivy Leaguer and governor of the largest state in the union!

Senators don’t get points for administrative experience. Truman is clearly the best of this lot, although Johnson and Noxon, both serious policy wonks, were creditable presidents. (Hindsite, and some learning about how bad a president can be, allows me to say that now about Noxon.) Kennedy was all flash and, the missle crisis aside, no substance.

California governor aside, the one resume you would only pick for president in a science fiction movie is That Traitor Ronnie Raygun’s. Mediocre actor, turncoat President of the Screen Actor’s Guild, barely educated, puppet of the right wing ruling class. Here is a great plot twist…the candidate, urged on by his billionaire handlers, cuts a deal with Islamic radicals to embarrass the sitting president and win the election!

Taft and Hoover both have good credentials. Taft was a highly respected lawyer and jurist, and held a lot of important government posts. Hoover … something of a hero in the Boxer Rebellion, likewise.  Neither held elected office prior to the presidency.

If you compare performance to preparation, there is not much correlation. FDR is without a doubt number one. His resume would be in the top five. Truman comes up as No. 2 in performance, his resume would not make the top 10. Taft has a great resume, as a president he was mid tier. Hoover’s resume looks like a very likely prospect. He was one of the worst in history. Harding, a businessman, governor and senator looks promising. Until the advent of that Moron Busch, he has been correctly viewed by many as the worst president in history.

So the resumes tell you nothing. As head of HR America, I might not hire either McCaine or Obama. (Bill Richardson had the best resume in the field.) Their claim to leadership is based almost entirely on Senate membership. McCaine was a naval air squadron leader (in peacetime, when he returned from Vietnam, not in wartime) and a prisoner of war. His experience is akin to that of Noxin or JFK. He is no GHW Busch. None of them were Eisenhower. McCaine gets hero points for being a POW. Kennedy (a poor president) and Busch (a mediocre president) had Hero points. Six years out of touch with the world will not necessarily prepare you to lead it.

Obama has no military experience. He is well educated, being a double Ivy Leaguer (Columbia and Harvard). He was Magna Cum Laude at Harvard Law and President of Law Review. He is a constitutional scholar, having taught the subject at the University of Chicago Law School. He was a professional community organizer, (Director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a Catholic church-based community organization). This may make him the only candidate since Hoover who has spent a large part of his career in humanitarian endeavors. (Hoover was feeding Russians. Obama was solving learning about America.) Obama may prove to be the second candidate in History (Taft was first) to fill a Supreme Court seat after having served as President. (But I am getting ahead of myself).

Given the choice between the two, the decision is obvious. Both candidates need to grow into the job. How much growth does a 72-year-old have left? Barack Obama will grow into it.

Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain

Here I am at a juice bar in Northeasst Oklahoma, the nearest available actual access to the internets. They have very good sandwiches and smoothies, and they are pretty skeptical about this Presidential election.

The best of them think Pappy McWeirdsmile is a liar and a nincompoop, but are skeptical that Obama is the real deal. They would like to vote for Obama, but they see a Beltway hero made in Hollywood. Too good to be true. Too young to be good.

The worst of them don’t like Ole Pappy either. He is not crazy enough for them. They do not believe that he will keep his promise to make all young girls submit to chastity examinations quarterly, and put the Bible back into the Constitution. They don’t trust any of the new promises he made to get to where he is now.

The middle here may be scared spinsters and farmers guarding their subsidy checks. Obama looks better for their wallets… he has a good history on the farm subsidy circuit. But if you scare hell out of them, they will run for the safety of crazy old farts who wear flag pins and can remember how to salute.

I saw one car with Obama stickers all over it, and I think we can be sure of three Obama votes within throwing distance of this cafe. And I have seen a number of Ron Paul yard signs. Maybe the stalking horse will save us all.

A Special Session of Congress

It says something powerful about the Busch administration that the closest person to Osama Bin Laden they have managed to convict is his driver. And he was convicted of… driving. That’s it. He helped Osama by driving for him.

It says something equally powerful about the United States Congress that there has been no action for impeachment, nay, hardly a serious investigation, into the many and serious crimes committed by That Moron George W. Busch and company. Congress did hold hearings into the political abuse of the powers of the Justice Department, but that is partly because their own prerogatives (the right to weigh in on who gets named to the US Attorney jobs) was at issue, and fear that a rogue justice department could be turned on them as easily as on the Governor of Louisiana. They caved in on the appointment of a new Attorney General who, and many predicted, has stonewalled on further investigation into illegal activities of the Moron and his friends. They have not moved quickly on enforcing subpoenas of Karl Rove and John Bolton and Hairy Miers. They have absolutely refused to consider impeachment hearings in spite of mounting evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors at the highest level of government.

The latest: Thanks to Ron Suskind’s new Book, “The Way of the World,” is thus: The head of Iraqi intelligence, thinking the US was making a mistake, and hoping to make a few bucks for himself, offered the US government clear and convincing evidence that there was no WMD in Iraq. George Tenant saw the information and told That Moron George W. Busch. The Moron discounted the information, and refused to consider it. Tenant, a man of no integrity that we can see, let the matter drop. The US Government paid the Iraqi official $5 million to keep his mouth shut. Later, when it became apparent that the WMD story was not going to hold water, The Moron ordered Tenant to fake up a letter from the official to Saddam Hussein. This fake letter would be back-dated, and provide evidence that Saddam Hussein had helped Osama Bin Lauden train the 911 terrorists. This allegatrion is serious enough, but there is more. Some people believed that, with the head of Iraqi intelligence in pocket, we could develop enough inside pressure to knock off Saddam Hussein, and put our own guy in Iraq. We could have avoided a war completely.

Not that we don’t already know that Busch relied on fake information before. The yellow cake letter was clearly fake, but it was not created by Busch. The Moron just chose to believe it, so Congress has chosen to give him a pass on that one. There is clearly a trail of lies and chicanery that amounts to criminal breach of duty by the Moron and his people. But this new information cannot be left without further investigation. The Moron ordered the development of fake information. He ignored an opportunity to accomplish his aim…regime change in Iraq… with out getting 4192 (to date) Americans killed there. If there is a more convincing evidence of the criminality of these people, I do not know what it would be,..

The Republicans are demanding that Congress come back to talk about energy. I think they should come back to talk about criminal behavior of the Moron and his minions. To those who say its too late to bring an impeachment, I have to agree. An action to impeach should have been brought two years ago. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should be accountable for that. But there is still important work to do. The political record needs to be set straight. The truth needs to come out and a clear and unequivocal censure needs to be stated.

These crimes against the American people are new and unprecedented. They can be addressed with new and unprecedented tools. All rights and honors granted Busch’s Minions as a result of their government service should be stripped. This includes pension benefits and Metals of Freedom. They should all be publically declared enemies of the people. They can be turned over to the World Court, which already has an outstanding action against Donald Rumsfield and others. Congress has vast powers, Congress should use them.

Or maybe they will just settle for an action against Busch’s driver. Its alway the little guy who gets screwed.

Hey, Cindy! How about a Kielbasa?

John McCaine has offered his wife as a contestant in the Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant held annually at a bikers rally in Sturgis, SD. It’s a topless contest, and contestants get points for demonstrating extraordinary skills, like swallowing a banana whole. I am hoping she will go for it. It will be the biggest Utube posting in history, especially if she does the banana thing. Might also show us how far some people will go to get elected President.

What do you call those lying SOBs?

I said in my first official posting on Speak Truth to Morons that I would not use the term Republican Party unless I was referring to the historical party…the party of Lincoln. There are still some real Republicans in the world. Chuck Hagel, for example, so occasionally I say someone is a Republican. I have been casting about for the right term for that stinking mass that now calls itself the Republican Party. Brady uses Republigoat, which is well enough. I am, however, often more plain spoken than Brady, who learned some manners from his mother.  So I am going to call it the Bullshitter party. Because that is exactly what it is.

I don’t think anyone associated with that group has told the plain truth about anything in so long a time that they only stand for Bullshit. Look at John McCaine’s many crap piles. His claim that Obama ignored the troops on his overseas tour. His claim that the SURGE really started sooner than it was even thought about by that Moron and his minions. (Tell some bullshit. Tell more bullshit when you get caught at it. If you pile up enough, no one, especially not a member of the ignorant press, can smell out the truth.) His claim that he has a secret plan to capture Bin Lousy. His claim that he has a true strategy for energy independence, even though he has never articulated a comprehensive energy policy other than drilling, and he claims inflating tires does no good. Bullshit, Billshit, Bullshit.

T. Boone Pickins Redux

I have done a little more research into T. Boone Pickins’ so-called plan for energy independence. You will recall that when I left this subject I had concluded the plan was OK, but it was really nothing new under the sun. This is not true. The Boone Plan is less than nothing new under the sun. It’s bullshit. 

What Boone wants is for us to put a big effort…maybe even big tax breaks… into wind energy (thats where he put his money).  This will free up a lot of natural gas, he believes, which will allow us to drive natural gas vehicles and get off the oil high.

Huh? Thats it Cartman? 

Yeah, Apparently so. All we need to do is make 20 percent of our electricity from wind, then we get to drive real cheap natural gas cars, and people get to drive big assed hummers again.

Thats a solution, Cartman? Everyone gets an SUV.

Here is a real plan.

1. Keep the price of fuel high for a long time so that people will drive more efficient vehicles. (Make sure your car is tuned up and your tires properly inflated!!!)

2. Make a lot of natural gas out of sewage and cow shit.

3. Use all the wind you can get your hands on. Go for 25 percent. 30 percent.

4. Stop doing dumbass shit like mowing highway right of ways. Lease them out to farmers for hay and wheat.  Let them go to wild flowers.  Plant trees.

5. Put solar cells on every rooftop below the Mason Dixon line (I know some of you morons don’t know what that is, but you can google it.) .

6. Insulate houses, use better light bulbs, lower thermostats. Wear sweaters.

7. Encourage geothermal HVAC systems.

8. Use Public Transportation.

9. Walk, bicycle and car pool. Plan your travel.

10. Rebuild passenger rail.

Thats the Papa Bonk Plan, and it will work.

The Papa Bonk Plan

I only recently saw the T. Boone Pickins advertisement that has become the subject of so much comment. When I think of T Boone, I think of liar and scoundrel and billionaire. His most recent lie, of course, was his failure to pay off on the $1 million he promised to pay to anyone who could prove anything said by the Swift Boat crew, which he funded, was false. He refused to consider the substantial evidence that was offered by John Kerry and his many supporters who fought along side Kerry in Vietnam.

T. Boone has made millions in the takeover business. The way you do this is you get together enough stock in a company to have some clout, then you scare the company into selling to you or you force them into spending a lot of time and money fighting with you. If they sell to you, you sell off all their assets and walk away with the capital. If they don’t, you have jacked up the stock price and made money on the adventure. This is supposed to be good for companies.

I also remember T. Boone as being involved in some of the Texas savings and loan scandals that cost the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars back in the 1980s. Curiously I can’t now Google up much on the subject, even though I am fairly certain I am right about it. Can a rich person fog his past to the extent that Google can’t find it?

Anyway T. Boone Pickins is a liar and a scumball. What does that say about his “energy plan?” First a number of questions. Is there an actual plan, or is there just a TV commercial? Is there a comprehensive analysis provided by experts who studied this over time, or is this just something that was put together on a napkin after dinner at Outback? Does the grand plan include funding initiatives, conservation measures and all that is needed?

Second, why Pickins? A close friend and major contributor of that Moron George W. Busch, an oil man. Maybe this a case of only Nixon could go to China. Maybe only a lying scum ball oil buddy of that Moron could possibly sell the rest of the morons on what is an obvious and necessary path to energy independence.

Finally, what is new or unique about the “Pickins plan?” He wants us to adopt wind power initiatives and conserve and implement fuel alternatives. HELL. I HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR YEARS!!! I can’t go to Florida without thinking about all the sunshine they are wasting by not putting solar cells on their rooftops. I can’t stand on the beach, wind blowing to shore, without wondering why they don’t put windmills out there. I drive down the highway and cringe about the gas we are wasting by mowing the fucking right of way!!! I think municipalities should be required to recapture the methane they generate in their sewage plants, large cattle, pig and chicken farmers should be required to do the same with their shit piles. The technology for doing this is ancient. In 1973, I wrote a feature story for the Lawrence Daily Journal World about a pig farm that syphoned methane out of its compost piles to run electrical generators that fueled the farm. I also wrote about a guy who built an electric car (a VW with a jet engine generator for a motor and a back seat full of 12 volt batteries) that he refueled each night with a windmill in his back yard.

I am fine with the Pickins Plan. Whatever it takes to get the morons to adopt a reasonable and sensible energy policy. I am just pissed off that it has taken so long. That’s because when you Speak Truth to Morons, they don’t listen.

As It Turns Out, 'RAND' Is French For 'Duh!'

This progressive blog would be remiss if it did not mention the RAND Corporation study. For this, I am borrowing the “Speak Truth To Morons” category from Papa Bonk. Because that is precisely what this is.

All terrorist groups eventually end. But how do they end? The evidence since 1968 indicates that most groups have ended because (1) they joined the political process (43 percent) or (2) local police and intelligence agencies arrested or killed key members (40 percent). Military force has rarely been the primary reason for the end of terrorist groups, and few groups within this time frame have achieved victory. This has significant implications for dealing with al Qa’ida and suggests fundamentally rethinking post-9/11 U.S. counterterrorism strategy: Policymakers need to understand where to prioritize their efforts with limited resources and attention. The authors report that religious terrorist groups take longer to eliminate than other groups and rarely achieve their objectives. The largest groups achieve their goals more often and last longer than the smallest ones do. Finally, groups from upper-income countries are more likely to be left-wing or nationalist and less likely to have religion as their motivation. The authors conclude that policing and intelligence, rather than military force, should form the backbone of U.S. efforts against al Qa’ida. And U.S. policymakers should end the use of the phrase “war on terrorism” since there is no battlefield solution to defeating al Qa’ida.

Bear in mind, RAND is the think-tank where Condoleezza Rice interned and served as trustee and where Donald Rumsfeld was once Chairman of the Bored, and which is not at all associated with John Kerry—who was pilloried in 2004 for similar musings.

Who said that?

The following, in its entirety, is from today’s Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.  I suspect its the first time in a hundred years there has been a real D in D&C.  Thumbs Up, DnC!!

McCain’s Latest Flipflop
It was inevitable that the tired, racially divisive debate over affirmative action would be trotted out in this year’s presidential campaign. And as could be expected, longtime affirmative action foe Ward Connerly is again striking matches beneath the combustible issue.

To some surprise, Republican John McCain is helping to light this fire. Unlike 10 years ago, when he opposed an anti-affirmative action proposal in the Senate, McCain’s now supporting Connerly’s initiative on the Arizona ballot in November.

No doubt, McCain is trying to exploit the misguided belief by some that affirmative action represents reverse discrimination. They wrongly insist that affirmative action establishes a quota system.

The reality, however, is that simply is wrong and McCain knows it. Affirmative action acknowledges hardships faced by people of color. For example, employers in seeking to fill a job may make special efforts to ensure that people of color are in the pool of applicants and are given serious consideration for the post.

People like Connerly, a staunchly conservative African American who has made fighting affirmative action a life mission, know well the ramifications of their crusade. In Washington state, California and Michigan, similar initiatives were adopted by wide margins after stirring white anger.

Even more is at play. The initiative will also be on the ballots in Arizona and Colorado, both key states that could go blue or to the Democrats’ side of the ledger. By energizing conservatives with the ballot initiative, McCain’s campaign stands to benefit greatly.

It’s a dastardly political trick. Rather than offering new ways to fix an old, perplexing problem that seems to only surface during election years, McCain chose to be politically expedient. Why can’t voters see that?