Of late, Democrats in leadership positions have been taking a lot of crap for arguing that the Untied States is failing in Iraq. What seems not to be understood is that they’re right.

There is wall building going on in Iraq to keep sects from killing one another. I don’t know how anyone my age or older can’t realize that wall building automatically connotes failure, failure of society, failure of peace, failure of all other attempts to reconcile. When human beings require a physical barrier to hold them in, to keep them out, or to keep them apart, it is a good sign that failure is afoot.

Adolph Giuliani can kiss my ass, by the way. From now on, for him, more than anyone else in the universe, everything he says is the exact opposite of what it is. Republican leadership is not succeeding. It is building walls.

It is time to elect some damned grownups.

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