You Have To See It To Believe It

Update, Oct. 20: Hat tip to a weblog I’ve just stumbled upon: Dump Michele Bachmann.

This video is worth 15 minutes of anyone’s time for several reasons. You might have heard of Rep. Bachmann’s comments, but it is useful to actually experience them so that you can viscerally feel the shiver go down your own spine. Gaze in awe and wonder at a person who has apparently never heard of Joe McCarthy, see the cheerful stridence with which she suggests that the press should investigate members of Congress for being “anti-American.” Another reason for watching it, it’s nice to see Chris Matthews when he’s taken his vitamins. And the look on the Obama rep’s face when Matthews cues to her—priceless.

FYI: Bachmann represents the sixth district in Minnesota. Her opponent is Elwyn ‘El’ Tinklenberg. Let’s hope that Bachmann just handed him the seat.

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