Can’t Say As Though I Blame Him

LTR reports that Maron has at last had it up to here with the AAR. Man, who would evar get into radio? That industry takes its best and brightest and wipes poop on them and makes them wear a funny hat and then tells them that they’re ugly. Who on earth would evar work for this shit-headed industry?

Speaking of the wireless: I have to brag on the new KIAV widget that sometimes appears on the right. We have for some time now been using a series of PHP if/then statements to create a “now playing” feature. At first, the thing only featured AAR talent and pointed to the AAR website for streaming. For various reasons, including a quality drain at AAR and the more practical consideration that the AAR stream don’t werk so good no more, I’m tweaking the widget. It now includes offerings from other broadcast networks and streams from other sources. I like it and may soon place it at Leftblogistan too. I must thank LTR for being a comprehensive, constant resource.