Republigoats: The Other White Meat

KIAV feels a compelling obligation to report that David Stockman, Ron Raygun’s budget director, author of Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed, and supreme architect of the original “Ketchup Is A Vegetable,” faces indictment on charges of fraud.

No budget director since Stockman has been so successful at becoming a household name. Bet you can’t name the current president’s OMB Director off the top of your head. Bet you can’t. Bet you can’t.

Rob Portman. He replaced Josh Bolten, presidential hand fetishist, who now serves as the current president’s Chief o’ Staff. I don’t recall if Clinton’s first OMB director, Leon Panetta, became a familiar name before or after he made the move to Chief o’ Staff. But I guarantee you never heard of his successor, Alice Rivlin.

There is no doubt: David Stockman is the most famous Budget Director for being a Budget Director, ever. And, now, unfortunately for him, his career has a coda.

Nelson Muntz say: Ha Ha.