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Meet The Press was good today. During the “senatorial debate” segment, Sen. Udall of Colorado said what needs said about “The Surge,” that post hoc is NOT ergo proctor hoc, goddammit. Were only that a certain presidential candidate with a funny name able to say the same rather than to feel pressured to call “The Surge” an incredible success on its own. At least he was able Friday to say that McWeirdsmile was wrong on a lot of crap. Catch today’s MTP if you can.

There are two articles from today’s The Washington Post that should not be missed.

If Roe Goes, Our State Will Be Worse Than You Think. Linda Hirshman provides a terrifying profile of a McCain administration, empowered at once to alter the Supremes so they can seek a case to use to overturn Roe V. Wade. She suggests that the political climate now mayt be more conducive than ’twas pre-Roe, not less, to extreme, harsh measures to criminalize the procedure, especially regarding how the practice is regulated across state lines. It is a white-knuckling profile of what may very well be right around the corner.

Hirshman’s piece provides further infrastructure to something I’ve discussed here quite a bit before. Once they strike Roe, folks, they’re just getting warmed up. Next on the list is yanking your right to access birth control. I’m sorry, it is true, it is the only logical and legal progression based on the extreme thinking upon which they base their opposition to abortion rights. They are working on it concurrently as we speak and won’t stop until your only birth control alternative is guesswork and a marked-up calendar.

Their Party Crashed. Ours May Too. by Robert S. McElvaine says quite clearly what is not being said enough regarding the ongoing economic crisis: Duh. We’ve done this before. Duh. Good stuff. Read up.

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