What Barack should say

Barack should explain to the people that it is not his business to solve the financial crisis at this moment. Neither is it, by implication, John McCaine’s. Here is how Barack should frame it:

As a member of the Senate, and not a member of the Financial Services Committee, it is Obama’s job to know what is going on, offer whatever constructive assistance he can, stay out of the way, and vote when needed. He is doing that. Obama clearly knows what the proposals are. He has consulted with Chris Dodd, the man whose job it is to resolve the matter in the Senate, and Obama has offered him his advice.

Obama has stood on the sidelines, encouraged resolution of the problem in a way that addresses the real and legitimate concerns of the American people. He did not need to go to Washington to meet with the president, but did so as a courtesy. The results were what he predicted.

I can’t wait for the debate.

One thought on “What Barack should say”

  1. I might perceive it this way because of which side on which I tend to stand, but I think Obama’s reaction to this situation has been outstanding and completely presidential, while McCain has been a grandstanding political vulture. Proud of our candidate, as usual.

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