Watada, Blackwater

The developments re: Iraq become more interesting every day. Watada got a mistrial. It looks like just so much legal posturing and doesn’t mean Watada won’t face trial. I think it means the court didn’t want to recognize Watada’s assumptions. Here’s something for later reading

Also, an interesting development in the case of the Blackwater contractors killed and strung up burnt in Fallujah. It turns out that their supervisor was sounding the bells. “I have requested hard cars from the beginning and from my understanding, an order is still pending. Why, I ask?…It is my understanding that someone in Kuwait made a decision to go with Suburbans that are used…Bad idea!” Such developments are vital since the Blackwater slaughter was such a clear turning point for Americans in Iraq.

Meanwhile, in my lovely home state: An interesting point raised to me recently: The Virginia House recently passed HJ728 which expresses “profound regret for Virginia’s role in sanctioning slavery and other forms of discrimination.” The Senate’s version “acknowledges with contrition the involuntary servitude and calls for reconciliation among ALL Virginians.” This from the same state that recently sponosred and got passed a ballot issue against marriage rights for homosexuals. This is not to disparage the resolution apologizing for slavery, though it is noted that Virginia approved it kicking and screaming. But still. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy.