The Washington Coast

The Washington Post is apparently in on the plot to allow John McWeirdsmile to coast into the White House on his “mavrick” status despite the fact that the man never actually was that much of a “mavrick” to begin with and despite the fact that he has since 2006 completely abdicated the title.

Two paragraphs from this morning’s Outlook section, one from an opinion column and one from an editorial, which means it was written and approved by the Post’s editorial board itself.

The first, from David Broder:

McCain, who is 72, is almost but not quite a throwback to the “greatest generation,” the one that survived the Depression, won World War II and built the international architecture of the postwar world. With the McCain family military tradition and the high patriotism forged by his own prisoner-of-war experience, McCain—like the heroes of FDR’s and Truman’s time—disdains partisanship and searches for the national interest, wherever he can find it.

From the Post editorial:

Mr. McCain is that rare politician who has held to positions of principle at great risk to his career, including this year on the subject of Iraq, and his nomination offered a measure of vindication for that courage.

The corporate press either has not noticed or does not acknowledge that John McWeirdsmile has undergone a bit of a metamorphosis. He is not the same legislator who sponsored sweeping election reform legislation with Sen. Feingold (though one could argue that he did such a thing to save his political ass following the Keating Five scandal). And, as for “positions of principle?” What are they, nuts? McCain’s nomination was hardly vindication for “courage.” It was his reward for abandoning every “mavrick” position he’s ever been thought to have held and for placing his nose in the crack of the Republigoat base.

Such statements by such a highly considered newspaper of American record has to make one wonder, what election are they watching over at The Washington Post, anyway?

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