Same Bullshit. Pretty New Package.

When Sara Palin ran for governor of Alaska, she supported the Bridge to Nowhere. Said told the citizens of Ketchikan that she resented it being called a Bridge to Nowhere. Ketchican is someplace, she said.  She claims that when she was Governor, she told Congress “thanks but no thanks” for the Bridge. In fact the congressional earmark for the Bridge was removed the year before Palin was elected Governor. And more to the point, the Bridge project was actually killed by the Alaska Senate, which refused to appropriate the needed matching money. Because there was no matching money, Congress gave the money to the state as general fun money, and Palin spent it to build phase one of the Bridge project…the road to the Bridge to Nowhere.

Palin was queen of the earmarks. In her years as Mayor of Wassila, (not, as Karl Rover claims, the second largest city in Alaska. It is fourth behind Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau. Wasilla has about 9.000 citizens. Juneau has 30,000). She managed to get $29 million in federal dollars for her little town. All of it earmarks. Now she claims she is against earmarks, and will stand up to the special interests in Washington.

She headed a 527 Committee called “Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.” and made television commercials with the most corrupt man in the Senate. The day he was indicted for accepting bribes from the oil industry, the TV commercial was taken off her website, and she was urging the Senator to cooperate with the investigation.  That makes her a crusader against corruption.

She attempted to get the head of the Alaska State Police to fire her brother-in-law who was involved in a nasty divorce (obviously from Palin’s sister). This extraordinary exercise of executive authority is not at all unlike the Busch administration’s manipulation of the Justice Department to bring false claims against political enemies.

Sarah Palin comes in a very pretty package, but there is no doubt about her politics. She is a liar and a hypocrite and scumball just like John Sidney McCaine and the rest of the Bullshitter Party.

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