Prudence Palin and the Republigoat Convention: Christmas in September

I was away from the news, out of town overnight for a lovely Labor Day barbecue in the city. Now I’ve come back to the Internet and have just been catching up.

Did Christmas move up a few months and nobody told me?

Bristol Palin, daughter of hastily appointed VP nominee Prudence Palin, is pregnant at 17. The campaign says she will have the baby and married the father, identified in the news only by his first name of “Levi,” which may rumble the flock, as that is not exactly a New Testament moniker. But wait! There’s more!

The campaign announced this to squash “rumors” in Leftblogistan that the Palins had pulled a real-life Bree Hodge—for those who do not watch Desperate Housewives, a mother claiming a pregnancy that actually belongs to her underaged daughter.

See the Kos reports and judge for yourself. (Careful. There are high-res photos on this page along with the usual script garbage on Kos that can whip your browser senseless. Plus, I suspect the page is seeing MONDO traffic.) And, by the way, this is not “rumor.” It is, at worse, informed speculation. A “rumor” is made up from thin air or pulled out of one’s ass. For instance: “Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.” What’s at the Daily Kos actually required a gathering of information from various sources. This is known as “reporting.”

Even if you don’t place credence in the Bree Hodge story, the Jamie Lynn Spears story the campaign admits to is quite enough on its own, though for some reason many lefters say it shouldn’t be discussed, not even among those of us who type into WordPress. Which just ain’t right. Of course the pregnancy of Bristol Palin should be discussed. Her Mom is a state governor who has just been nominated to be Vice President of the Untied States. She believes that the best and only acceptable way to prevent teenage pregnancy is to tell teenagers not to screw, and, as Vice President, she would do everything in her power to embed that approach into public policy. But it apparently didn’t even work for her personally. What’s not to discuss?

Oh, and the Republigoat Convention. I am not watching it because I value my personal possessions. Fortunately, I am in a ground-level living situation, so a television set hurled out a window might not have such destructive consequences. But I dare not take that chance by watching these assholes. I understand I am not missing that much though, what with The Current President and Vice President staying away from it so they can single-handedly rescue the Gulf region from Hurricane Gustav. I know, ya’ll are like, “You libruls, you’re never happy! You complained when Bush appeared not to respond during Katrina, and now you’re complaining when he does! What’s your problem, you commie?”

The difference is this, boys and gulls. Today, The Current President is a limping waterfowl, and nobody in the universe actually give a flying fart about him. He has so squandered his political capital that there’s not actually anything he can do today to help comfort or help should, gods forbid, New Orleans once again be besieged. The Current President’s test was Katrina, and he failed, miserably. Even if he developed the power to fly and rescued the entire French Quarter all by himself, nobody would care. The Republigoat Party cannot erase Katrina. It can only relive it. They’d be better off just admitting the reality of why Goofus and Gallant there won’t be at the Republigoat Convention tonight: Because. The Party. Despises them. Having these idiots pay lip service to the Gulf Region does nothing more than to revive the Katrina legacy.

An Update, 10:12 p.m. I am getting caught up on some podcasts now. Thom Hartmann said this afternoon that story 1 and story 2 here might have a nexus, that the convention was perhaps slowed down not in response to Gustav, but in response to the shitstorm of weird news related to their veep pick, which includes more than weird baby news but further developments on the trooper story and news that she may have once belonged to a political organization that supported the secession of Alaska. Vetted much?

Another Damned Update. And damn this story. Hartmann interviews Shannyn Moore, a progressive talker from Anchorage, who raises an interesting point about the Bree Hodge version of this story versus the official account: The Bree Hodge version is far less unsettling than is the official account, which has a woman in labor, leaking amniotic fluid, flying commercial aircraft from Dallas to Alaska before giving birth. I have a third thought on this story: Perhaps Prudence Palin is not of this planet at all. Perhaps she, as her brother Kal-El, was born under a red sun and came to our planet sent into our protection by her father, Jor-El. And, perhaps she should not be running for Veep, but instead for eternal protector of Metropolis…

To sit on an airplane for 12 hours in labor, I’d think you’d have to be. Or, so I’ve heard.

The interview, thanks to Air America Radio for the embed:

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  1. Levi sounds like a perfect name for a Conservative Christian. I don’t know much about the bible in general, so I’m not knocking the name at all, but I know that some of the scariest conservatives will take the worst from the old testament and put it to use.

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