Joe-Mentum? Mylanta!

It’s time to throw something at the Washington Post.

I mean, I reckon that when a sitting senator submits an op-ed piece, you accept it and run it. But, still. Can someone. Anyone. Explain to me why anyone would want to listen to Joe Lieberman regarding the subject of Iraq?

It is by now, after all, pretty much the general wisdom what this blog has been saying for years and years: The War Is Stupid. And yet. Joe-Mentum has been all in favor fer it, from start to finish. And now, he’s urging for the surge.

It seems to me that yet another panel needs to be created, one meant to generate more a reasoned response to the ISG, one headed up by Dennis Kucinich, and to be filled out by other folks who have never ever supported the ridiculous invasion and occupation of Iraq.

If such a group is impaneled, I believe I could make myself available.

In the meantime: It’s time to create a rule that says that, if you voted for the 2002 Resolution or have otherwise lent support to this idiocy, how about a nice cup of shut the fuck up?

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