Begala 1, Pelosi 0

This morning on Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the national approval ratings for Congress, abyssmal at 75 percent disapproving of Congress and 14 percent approving. Just the start of her reply marks her just this side of “ditzy.”

Those numbers are about the Congress, and the Congress—I think the main issue in the last election in November ’06 was to end the war. Congress has been unable to do that because the President won’t sign any bills that would allow that to happen.

I argued long ago here at KIAV that, yes, the mid-terms were about ending this Dirty Big War, but that they were about more than that, that either by virtue of what the American people wanted or by virtue of the best way to achieve that end, that ending the war could not be the ultimate ends in the minds of our newly-minted 110th, that unless they drew a bead to assigning accountability, they would not even come close to recalling our forces from this mindless occupation. And right away, this Nancy Pelosi person, she of “San Francisco values,” right away, she buried our most potent weapon sixty feet underground by declaring impeachment “off the table.” She sounded feckless in what she said this morning on MTP; she has been feckless since she had to bean-count to figure what qualified as “100 hours” while we failed to immediately blacken the D.C. sky with subpoenas, which is what the mission of “ending the war” actually required. To think that we were going to end this misadventure on a simple up-or-down vote is and was ludicrious. The goal should have been to do everything possible in every committee possible to open up this filthy can of worms and allow all of America to see it on the TV, and the way to do that is to have hearings, hearings with enough bite in them to compel every Bush administration asshole even remotely relevant to apply his or her ass to a chair in front of a committee in front of a television camera. And, since a congressional subpoena is apparently optional these days, the only way to have actually achieved that would have been to actually exercise the authority offered to Congress mentioned in the Constitution SIX TIMES. Impeachment. This Democratic Congress did not fight to end this foolish occupation. It barely even showed up. And now, with a nebulous “withdrawl” plan, the current administration may get to leave on a jump hook at the buzzer—politically, at least, because in truth these neo-cons want to leave Iraq like they want to grow a foot on their foreheads.

When Nance Pelosi shrugs her shoulders and says, yeah, we really tried, but we couldn’t get the votes and the Prezident wouldn’t have signed any such legislation anyway, it’s like saying well, I tried to mow the lawn, but these scissors don’t work very well and my back hurts. She is a feckless, useless Speaker and I hope hope hope that the house has the good goddamned sense to replace her as soon as possible. Let’s exhume Tip O’Neill’s big fat ashes and plop them into that chair; they’d show her and America how the hell it’s done.

You could, perhaps, count me among the 75. (Though, like many Americans, I dislike Congress but think that my Congressman is the bee’s knees.)

By way of contrast, listen to a bite of Paul Begala on Air America Radio’s Ring of Fire this weekend. Take It Back: Our Party, Our Country, Our Future might just be worth a read.

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