A Style Point

When I write about this stuff, I struggle about how to refer to the man who occupies the Oval Office.

I have vacillated from wanting to at least have respect for the office to wanting to express my utter contempt for the man—I have been known to steal Stephanie Miller’s “Chimpy McCokespoon,” for instance.

It is upon reading Sarah Vowell’s excellent book, “Assassination Vacation,” that I have come across a phrase that strikes a nice balance. She writes:

“On the bus home, I flip through my Assassins program from the night before and read the director’s note. Of course talking about the murders of previous presidents is going to open the door to discussing the current president. That’s what I like to call him, ‘the current president.’ I find it difficult to say or type his name, George W. Bush. I like to call him ‘the current president’ because it’s a hopeful phrase, implying that his administration is only temporary.”

Thank you, Sarah Vowell. From now on, in this space, Chimpy will be known as “the current president.”

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