The October Surprise

I think that when prognosticators review the election of 2012, they will conclude that there was, indeed, an October surprise. It was when Willard Romney walked onto the stage during the first debate and proclaimed that he knows absolutely nothing about the three trillion dollar tax cut he’s been touting.

I am concerned that it might be the moment that causes Romney to become the President of the United States.

Face it; Romney is employing a strategy, one that has been quite effective historically. Hump your base’s leg during the primary, then move to the center of the room once you’ve secured the nomination. And, for those who aren’t paying attention, he’s doing it well.

I think it’s not a question of whether or not President Obama loses. I think it’s a matter of the aforementioned strategy, butterflying with the strategy they’ve employed since 2009 of working hard to deny President Obama any success whatsover, winning. And while I still hold out hope for a second term for Mr. Obama—because he has, after all, earned a second term—I think it’s time to brace for impact.

Believe me. This is today’s “we believe peace is at hand.” And it just might work.

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