The Great Debate

I am not even remotely inclined to buy the conventional wisdom regarding last night’s debate between President Obama and Willard Romney, that Romney somehow “won” the event. Nonsense.

I am willing to call it a draw. But only with a big fat asterisk.

They say that Romney spoke for 38 minutes, and that in that time, he told 27 whoppers.

Not to mention that he was an authoritative, steamrolling asshat.

No, I do not buy the conventional wisdom that Willard Romney won this debate. I don’t think you win a debate by lying your ass off. The President brought a cogent explanation of his administration’s record and of his plans for the country’s future. Sure, he might should have brought a few firebombs out of his utility belt. But in case you haven’t been paying attention, that is not generally President Obama’s style.

I am proud of our President and his performance last evening. He was dignified and straightforward. His opponent was, as usual, a braying jackass.

At worst, it was a draw. With an asterisk.

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